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Designing today means exploiting competence, intelligence and experience in increasingly complex, multidisciplinary and articulated work groups.


With this shared idea, we founding partners in 2004 decided to combine our work and our gained and appreciated experience of freelancers, to establish a company that over time has increasingly consolidated and established itself, thus rewarding the commitment and always profuse professionalism.


 According to the good engineering tradition, we have always preferred work to the image, overcoming the adverse market conditions that have emerged in these difficult years, never giving up believing in our work and in the quality of our collaborators.


Each customer is important to us, each system must be adequate and rational: the masterpiece of an iconic archistar, the historic building of world value, the hyper-technological research project, the high-level industrial or commercial building, the hospital of the latest generation, the important transport infrastructure deserves the same attention as the simple residential building. This too is an expression of professionalism for us.


 Over time we have experienced the evolution of the design technique from the inside, starting many years ago to draw by hand with ink nibs, then moving on to the use of the first CAD programs, to arrive at the recent development, impressive and continuous, of increasingly sophisticated calculation and design.


The current state of the art of technology has also led us to the use of computational fluid dynamic models (CFD), to their verification in the Wind Tunnel and to the use of the BIM modeling which is increasingly driven and rich in information content, necessary to be able to deal with our top projects, at the highest world level.

We welcome the news, because curiosity and the desire to discover, getting involved, are the basis of knowledge and progress, also and above all accelerating commitment and technological updating in times of crisis.

This thought is and will always be a fundamental part of Digierre3 as well as the best way to explain "who we are".

marino dell'acqua 1.JPEG
fabio corbani 1.JPEG

Fabio Corbani

Marino Dell'Acqua


Ferruccio Galmozzi

Flavio Ranica

Luca Antinori_810x1080.jpeg

Luca Antinori


Mattia  Brambilla

Luca Carrara tondo.jpg

Luca Carrara


Matteo Corbani

Claudio Gervasoni_810x1080.jpeg

Claudio Gervasoni


julia popel.jpg

Julia Popel

Julia Popel

Enzo Radaelli_977x1080.jpg

Enzo Radaelli


Varin Tilli

Matteo Corbani

Giorgio Tilli_603x1080.jpg

Giorgio Tilli

Mattia Brambilla

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