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Air, WaterFireEnergy

are the primary elements that civilizations have always tried to govern and manage to ensure comfort, safety and health.



still works with the same elements, using the multiple technologies and professional knowledge necessary to design of the MEP systems to run various buildings and industrial plants, paying great attention to continuous technical development, to the refinement of the project design, development and to the continuous regulatory and legislative updating.


Over the years we have understood and made our own the need to harmonize the skills of our specific sector by coordinating them within multi-disciplinary project teams that are nowaday mandatory to develope complex projects.


Over time, many specialist collaborations have been added to the traditional integration between M&E Engineers with Architects and Structural Engineers:

Acoustic design, fire prevention and safety, environmental certification, energy flow analysis, renewable energies, vibration control landscape composition, transport analysis, light design, project management, energy management, BIM design and management, CFD design, architectural rendering, industrial process technologies, validation of clean rooms, project financing, smart buildings and ... who knows what else in the next future.


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